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  • Bill Gates and I are not Darlings– Elon Musk

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    SpaceX Chief officer, Elon Musk, has mocked Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates.

    The duo, each billionaires, are lashing out at one another over differing stances on the COVID-19 pandemic.

    On thursday, he tweeted: “The rumor that business visionary & I are significant others is completely untrue.”

    His reaction was sequel to Gates’ advise that Elon ought to specialize in cars and rockets.

    The school guru told Musk to not involve himself in areas he has no information of.

    Earlier, Musk spoke against a number of the restrictions place in place by governments.

    The Tesla chief operating officer referred to as California’s stay-at-home order “fascist”.

    Musk same there are a ridiculous range of false positive COVID-19 tests, in some cases, 50%.

    He tweeted: “False positives scale linearly with range of tests. this can be an enormous a part of why COVID-19 positive tests are intensifying whereas hospitalizations and mortality are declining. Anyone who tests positive ought to retest.”

    Speaking to CNBC, Gates declared that Elon’s positioning “is to take care of a high level of outrageous comments. He’s not a lot of concerned in vaccines. He makes an excellent automobile. And his rockets work well. thus he’s allowed to mention this stuff. I hope that he doesn’t confuse areas he’s not concerned in an excessive amount of.”

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