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  • A Natural Part of the Christian Life

    By: Admin - 5 months ago - [ Religion ]

    When I talk to believers about fasting, they ask many questions. “Should every believer fast?” “How does fasting enhance our prayer life?” “Does fasting simply mean abstaining from food?” “When are we to fast?” “Can a person fast but not pray?” “What is the spiritual significance of fasting?

    Fasting has been part of my walk with the Lord since ever I gave my life to Christ Jesus and I’ve developed a tremendous love for this wonderful experience. It’s necessary that we explore guidelines to help in understanding how and why we have to fast.
    First, fasting should be a natural part of the Christian life. In the same way that we develop habits of reading the Bible and praying, we should develop the habit of fasting. Prayer and fasting are partners in a single ministry. In Matthew 6:5-6, Jesus says, “When you pray” not If you pray.” In the same passage He says. “When you fast… (vv16-17). Just as praying is not optional to believers, fasting is not optional.

    God expects His people to fast. At times the Holy Spirit moves upon a person or group and supernaturally gives them a desire to fast. Most of the time, however, fasting is an act of faith and will. It’s a decision we make in obedience to Christ. Even if we want to eat, we temporarily choose not to because of our love for Christ, our savior and because of our faith in Him. More discussions will be added to these introductory discussions. Please share these ideas. God bless you in Jesus’ name. Note: Fasting is a natural part of the Christian life.

    Let’s pray: Father, I know that great men in the Bible often prayed and fasted. Lead me by your spirit to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting with Your power, in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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